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Contego FM Hearing Assistance System

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Comfort Contego, FM digital hearing assistance - plus FREE U.S.A shipping!  

Comfort Contego is a high definition, digital wireless FM communication system designed to improve and enhance the quality of sound.
Unlike other wireless systems, Contego transmits an encrypted signal over secure coded channels.

Contego has all the functions you need to maximize the quality of sound in a modern, easy to use, portable package which offers total flexibility.

Contego is available with earphones or T-coil inductive neck loop for use with or without hearing aids.

Areas of use

  •  Lectures, Meetings, Dinner, Shops, Conversations, In the car, At home, TV and Audio

  •  At Work or School: Contego is a practical hearing enhancement solution invaluable for meetings, seminars, lectures, or one on one conversation. Secure transmission provides privacy from electronic eavesdropping.

  •  When Out and About: Using Contego at a restaurant or other noisy public venue, provides a new dimension in audibility. Contego's directional microphones help to reduce background noise and focus on the desired sound.

  •  Television and Sound System Audio: Contego's transmitter can be connected directly to the analog audio-out feed from a television, DVD player, audio system or soundboard for clear, direct, wireless sound transmission. The Contego receiver can be up to 75 feet away.

  •  Telephone Audio: Contego Telephone Kit connects to your desk phone handset socket, for louder, clearer phone audio. The user speaks into the handset as normal but listens via the Contego receiver with ear buds or neck loop.

  •  Courtrooms and ADA compliance: The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires the provision of effective communications assistance. Contego offers a secure, encrypted Assistive Listening System for Jurors, Defendants, Lawyers, Clients and Attorneys.


  •  Security: The transmitter and the receiver are paired by the transmitter sending a coded key to the receiver. The digital, coded radio transmission makes it almost impossible to intercept a conversation.

  •  Dual Zoom Microphones: Both the transmitter and receiver have built-in zoom microphones which are user adjustable for maximum customization of sound. The microphones can be set to omni-directional or directional based upon listening conditions. Both receiver and transmitter microphone volume levels are easily adjusted from the master receiver unit.

  •  Modern Design: Contego’s modern look is both functional and elegant in appearance. The internal antenna keeps Contego sleek.

  •  Easy to Use: Contego is small, light and comfortable to use. The clear menu system display eliminates guesswork and provides easy access and setting of functions.

  •  Digital FM Wireless System: Sound is digitally transmitted which eliminates distortion often experienced with other systems. Secure transmission keeps conversations private.

  •  Digital FM - a better solution: FM transmission allows freedom of movement - there is no "line-of-sight" requirement as with infrared transmissions. FM does not have audio processing delay associated with Bluetooth audio transmissions that can cause audio and video to be out of synchronization.

  •  Two Directional Microphones: The Contego receiver (when used with the neck loop extension cord) can be placed on a tabletop to provide a second directional microphone. This enhances Contego's capabilities by providing a dual microphone system in a conference room or meeting setting.

  •  Hear Your Own Voice: When listening to TV, the Contego's receiver microphone offers the ability to hear environmental sounds around you such as your own voice, a telephone ringing or someone speaking to you. And you can easily fine-tune the balance, or mix, between the two sound sources.

  •  Contego Receiver - A Personal Amplifier: The Comfort Contego Receiver may also be used as a sophisticated personal amplifier, with omni or directional microphone, in situations where the transmitter is not needed.

  •  Additional Receivers: Comfort Contego may be used with more than one receiver.

  •  Contego Courtroom and Multi-User System: This system can be used in: Auditoriums, Classrooms, Courtrooms, Public Facilities, Tour Guides, Workplaces.


  •  Type of Transmitter: Digital Modulation with Encryption

  •  Range: Up to 75 ft.

  •  Size: 0.87 x 1.77 x 3.86 inches

  •  Antenna: Built in

  •  Channels: 30

  •  Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion

  •  Charging time: about 4 hours

  •  Operating time: up to 16 hours

  •  Microphones: Built-in, directional and omni-directional

  •  Frequency range: 904 - 926 MHz

  •  Input: Line in / Microphone

  •  Neck loop users must have a manually selectable T-coil program - usually via a program selection button or remote control

  •  2 year manufacturer warranty covering all manufacturing faults. Headphones, ear buds and cables are warranted under normal use for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Comfort Contego.

Comfort Contego -
a digital wireless hearing assistance system
with zoom microphones plus T-coil inductive neck loop

Comfort Contego.

Comfort Contego -
ideal for conversation

Comfort Contego.

Comfort Contego -
digital wireless transmitter and receiver featuring easy to use controls and clear LCD display

Comfort Contego Multi-User Assistive Listening System

Comfort Contego Multi-User Assistive Listening System
Designed for Courtroom Listening, this high definition digital wireless FM system that transmits encrypted over secure channels can be used in many other situations such as meetings and lectures.

Comfort Contego - User Manual (3.18 MB)...

Comfort Contego - Product Sheet...

Comfort Contego - Telephone Kit...

Comfort Contego - Courtroom Multi-User Listening System...

Comfort Contego Digital Wireless Hearing Assistance System

Comfort Contego
- with headphone and earphone

 - Transmitter – Contego T900
 - Receiver – Contego R900
 - Storage case with zipper
 - RCA audio-out connector cables
 - Phone connector
 - AC charger
 - Headphone
 - Earphone

Comfort Contego.

List price: $899.95

Your TecEar price:

$ 765.00

Free Shipping (U.S.A.)

Comfort Contego
- with neck loop

(for use with T-coil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants)

 - Transmitter – Contego T900
 - Receiver – Contego R900
 - Storage case with zipper
 - RCA audio-out connector cables
 - Phone connector
 - AC charger
 - Neck loop
 - Neck loop extension cable

Comfort Contego.

List price: $971.50

Your TecEar price:

$ 825.00

Free Shipping (U.S.A.)

Comfort Contego Courtroom Multi-User Assistive Listening System

Comfort Contego Courtroom Multi-User Assistive Listening System

 Basic System Includes:
 - 1 Transmitter – Contego T900
 - 3 Receivers – Contego R900
 - 3 Headphones
 - 3 Neck loops
 - 1 Sound Kit / Audio Cable
 - 2 AC charge units
 - 1 Manual
 - 1 High impact, lockable aluminum Case
 - Basic System is expandable with additional units and accessories

Comfort Contego Multi-User Assistive Listening System

List price: $1,999.95

Your TecEar price:


Free Shipping (USA)

Comfort Contego Components

Comfort Contego Receiver only
(for use with Comfort Contego transmitter)

  - Receiver – Contego R900

List price: $522.00

Your TecEar price:


Free Shipping (USA)

Comfort Contego Neck Loop
(for use with Comfort Contego)

  - Neck loop
  - Neck loop 30" extension cord

  - Stereo-style right-angle 3.5 mm plug
  - Delivers merged stereo left/right channels
  - Flat cloth encased loop wire
  - Small loop for attaching Comfort Contego receiver

Comfort Audio Neck Loop

List price: $99.95

Your TecEar price:


Free Shipping (USA)

For separate components please contact TecEar

TecEar Customer Service

248 867-2759

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