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The Buzz! - Comments from satisfied customers

At TecEar, we're always interested to get feedback from customers about our products and services. Here are some complimentary comments that we hope you will find interesting - of course, full names and addresses are withheld for privacy.

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About T-Link...

Hello, I received my T-link today. It works great. I love it!!

Thank you very much for your time and great service!!!

B. T. - Hong Kong

I would just like to say that since I received my T-link and Music Link that they have changed my listening life.

I am enjoying talking on the phone again and I have never been able to enjoy my music since getting my hearing aids until now; the Music Link is great. I can listen to my audio books and music and understand the books and music.


Thanks so much

C. K. - Texas

Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

I received my T-link last week and it is amazing!!!

Finally a product that really works!

Now I can hear on a phone going down the road in a semi with the windows open!

M. S.  - Ohio

I received my T-Link and am glad to report it works great!

I hear better on my cell phone than on any other device.

Thanks for your personal recommendation. This gadget is a keeper!

G. P.  - California

Just got it in the mail yesterday. This thing is awesome! First time I've been able to use both ears on the phone, what a huge improvement!

FYI, my audiologist, in Denver told me about this. She had heard about it from another bilateral cochlear implant recipient who had compared your product to the XXXXX and found yours to be the better product/buy. Just thought I'd let you know.

B. J. - Colorado

I cannot tell you how much I love the T-Link! It is absolutely crystal clear! I had tried the CLA-7 and found it cut out too much. I am now going to consider ordering the Music Link, once I get t-coils in both hearing aids.

C. B. - Wisconsin

I have put the T-Link through its paces and it really works. After readjusting several elements of the hearing aid, it is a pleasure to use the telephone. This is one time when all the words written in support of a product are true.
Thanks for your assistance and consideration.

W. A. - New Hampshire

The T-Link is super. I have had multiple loop devices in the past, but this is far better. The ear hook is feather light yet stays in place and I can move my head without impacting sound quality or volume. It has a powerful induction field, allowing me to reduce the phoneís volume and leave the volume on my hearing aid alone, so switching between normal hearing aid use and the T-coil is really easy. My phone has a built in music player. With the T-Link I can now enjoy my favorite tunes anywhere I go.

FYI, I use a Nokia E62 which requires a Nokia HDA 11 adaptor in order to use standard 2.5 mm headset devices even though the phone has a 2.5 mm socket. Nokia Accessibility provided me one for free.

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful product.

D. A. - Illinois

Thanks. I'm going to order another one today for my dad. My dad tried it out and loved it.

C. H. - Nebraska

We just got my 4 year old daughterís T-coils turned on and she used the T-link for the first time. I cried. She was able to talk on the phone to both sets of grandparents for the first time in about a year and heard everything they said!!! Iíve now bought one for my grandmother.

Thank you so much for your product, your time and your patience.

C. T. - Missouri

Works great. A lot better than trying to position my Blackberry in exactly the right spot.


W. W. - California

I received the T-Link two days after I ordered it. I've had the chance to try it out on several calls with my Treo 650. It's a nice replacement for my older XXXXX set that is missing a silhouette. I'm pleased that the microphone has a good sensitivity and doesn't need to be held close to my mouth for me to be audible to the party I'm calling.

The earhooks are comfortable for extended wear and the induction strength was surprisingly strong. In fact, at first my tendency was to try to keep the earhooks as close as possible to the strongest 'sweet spot'. This actually caused problems on a few phone calls since the other voice was too distorted and overpowering, even when I put the call volume at the lowest setting. I realized that by just letting the earhooks rest naturally on my ears and move away a bit from the 'sweet spot', I had a better range of call volume.

For the money, I think the T-Link is a great value. I bought the T-Link so I would have *something* to use with my cell phone as my new CLA7 has been on back order for nearly two months. To its credit, the T-Link is much more compact and 'pocketable' than any of the other products--so it's more likely I'll have it with me than the others too.

Overall, I'm very satisfied and would heartily recommend the T-Link to others.

J. G. - Arizona

About Beetle...

I've truly enjoyed the new Beetle H-2ST, and I've probably made more cell phone calls since its arrival than I have in all the time I've had a cell phone!

This is a great product, and I'm looking forward to ordering the stereo ear hooks as soon as they are available. The neck loop is ok for times when I want to listen to music with my Music-Links, and might other wise miss a call, but for the most part I only have deliberate conversations using the ear hook. Someone with less of a hearing loss would enjoy the freedom of the neck loop, but the exceptional sound quality and great volume have me "hooked" on the ear hook! Thanks,

D. A. - Tennessee

Iíve just received my Beetle H-1 Bluetooth Ė single ear hook.
Got it to connect, no problem. Gain and clarity are excellent!

Iíve used other ear hooks directly wired to the phone Ė not enough gain. Even tried wiring them in with a Plantronics cell phone amplifier, but gain and distortion are terrible.

This Bluetooth version is great Ė highly recommended.

Many thanks

A. A. - Texas

About Music Link...

Music Link is an amazing product. I got it today and am using it with my iPod. I havenít heard sound this clear in a long time! I can now understand the speech with the iPod at half the volume!

I told my father about this product and he just ordered one for himself.

D. D. - Kentucky

It came today. My daughter looked completely surprised! It was the best sound sheís ever heard - almost like when she got her first digital hearing aids.

Thanks so much! Weíll pass your website info to others.

J. M. - Colorado

I have just received my Music Link - sitting hear listening to the awesome sound of the music on my laptop!

I am so impressed I just donít know if I should laugh or cry!

H. T. - South Africa

I received my Music Links just in time to take them with me on a trip to California. They are great. I was able to use them with American Airlines audio input and they worked great just like regular earphones only better.

Thanks for your service.

A. S. - Texas

I like the product so much that this is my second purchase so I have one at work!

It is a fabulous product that I rely on quite heavily.

M. C. - Minnesota

I have used the Music-Link (mono) with great love with my iPod and have shared it with many others who are now contemplating getting one for themselves.

I just ordered the T-Link for my cell phone. They are faaaaaar better than any of the loop necklaces I have gotten from other manufacturers. Theirs cost twice as much and usually break within 30 days.

B. Y. - Illinois

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the Music Link, which I must say is fantastic! I love that it is non-intrusive by design where it neatly tucks away behind the ear, which is also beneficial for use with my iPod as when I run it remains secured behind the ear.

I also have to say I love that this product is versatile in that you have the flexibility of ordering it in mono or stereo - depending on whether you wear two hearing aids or not.

Please know I use this device all the time with both my Mac and iPod and am keen to be notified of any products similar that could also be of benefit.

T. M. - Australia

A quick line to let you know that the Music link arrived last Friday and our daughter is over the moon with it!

P. E. - France

I love it. This is a fabulous headset and it's amazing that I can hear better, so smooth and clear and loud. I feel like I can hear so good and that makes me feel so good.

I am so, so glad that I found your web site.

Thank you so very much for this special product for hearing impaired like me.

M. P. - Louisiana

I purchased the stereo Music Link for my son's Christmas present and he absolutely LOVES it! He had been wearing those bulky headphones sitting back on his hearing aid microphones and they were very awkward. Thank you for your product!

K. M. - Colorado

I recently purchased your Music Link and it works just great with the ALD used by my church. Thank you for your help,

R. B. - Virginia

I ordered a Music-Link (mono) 4/14 and received it today 4/16. I am amazed that it arrived so promptly and almost as amazed that it works so well with my dedicated MP3 player and, with a plug adapter, my cell phone. I had to replace my neck loop because I was concerned that it would interfere with my new pacemaker. The Music-Link doesn't get anywhere near the pacemaker and is a real improvement in sound and volume as it sets directly next to my hearing aid. I used to have to locate the neck loop close to my hearing aid to get enough volume from my MP3 player. Thanks so much.

E. F. - Arizona

Thank you so much for the quick delivery service. I received the shipment in a couple days and sent it on to my son at college.

He has been using both T-Link and Music-Link for a couple weeks now and is thrilled with the results. He is a golfer and travels with his team using a van and he likes to listen to music while traveling. In the past he used ear buds from his iPod, but had to turn the volume up very loud, which is not good for his residual hearing, and also was loud to the other van occupants. Now using Music-Link he is able to hear the lyrics and enjoy the music at a much lower volume, and his iPod stays charged for longer periods of time.

I am so happy I found your web site. We will be looking at your other products to see if he is interested in some other assistive devices. We will also be recommending the two "link" products to other hearing aid wearing members of our support group.

W. R. - Ohio

The two single Music Links our church purchased are going to be used with the Williams FM Audio System our church has for hearing impaired people. The receivers come with ear buds. However, people with hearing aids did not like to take out their hearing aids and use the buds. Hopefully, your system will improve their ability to hear during worship time.

K. M. - Colorado

Thanks for the assistance. I ordered these [Music Link - stereo] from an American company [TecEar.com] and they are fantastic. Itís so nice not having to jerk off headphones to have a conversation with someone, all I have to do is flip the T-Coil switch and I'm switched over. I wear these things all day long listening to my audio books. I highly recommend these to anyone. And, since they only work with hearing aids my kids never try and "borrow" them, they're useless to them LOLOL. And I also want to thank you for remembering me with this information. Most companies promise things and never follow up; You didnít forget!

S. K. - Kentucky

About Clipboard...

I absolutely LOVE my clipboard! I take it to work, use it in church, use it in small meetings! LOVE IT! Best mother's day present I ever received!

I really like my clipboard and use it almost exclusively. I had my clipboard outside on the porch and was updating my calendar. The microphone was "on" as my daughter was outside with me for about 5 minutes. After it got "quiet", I still didn't hear the sound of writing as the microphone picked up the singing birds in my cheery tree instead.

D. P. - Maryland

BTW, the student just LOVES the clipboard ó everything arrived perfectly. Thanks!

E. O. -  Michigan

Sheila is thrilled with it...

M. G. - Michigan

[I am interested in purchasing your Clipboard Loop for my daughter. She is a speech pathologist and works one on one with patients. She has a moderately severe hearing loss and has difficulty with some of the voices of her elderly patients.]

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter is finding the clipboard to be very helpful with a number of her patients.

K. B. - Florida

About Univox 2A/DLS-50 Hearing Loop Kits...

Got my room induction loop system. I havenít heard TV this clearly in 30 years or more. It works GREAT! Thank you so much.

Why havenít more hearing impaired people heard of this technology?

D. D. - Kentucky

I installed your Univox 2A and I'm happy to report it is every thing you said. My wife for the first time can hear the audio on the TV without any straining and without the battery operated infrared system she has been using. Although that system works well it is a pain having to change the batteries all the time. Now my wife can set her digital aids to M/T [microphone plus T-coil], she hears the TV audio, and I can still talk to her at the same time.

Wonderful, Thanks!

C. A. - Maryland

I am using the Chair Pad Loop and all I can say is WOW!!!
I never anticipated such clarity and on top of everything else I can mute the TV and still listen.
I will put in the wire loop tomorrow and enjoy.

I just finished the loop wiring and it is fantastic.
Thanks for everything.

D. R. - Michigan

Loving mum's new loop and she is now buying me one. Haven't had to use captions since we got it.

Loving the new loop and can even both hear sitting over and near the cushion. It's a great machine. Couldn't get over how small the unit was. Thanks so much for your help.

A. K. - Iowa

About Univox PLS-300, PLS-700...

I recently purchased a Univox loop system
[PLS-700] from you for my church. I wanted to let you know that it's installed, and is working wonderfully!

B. M. - California

I just heard from the student today. The system works phenomenally !!!!!!!

E. O. - Michigan

Just wanted to let you know that the PLS-300 amp is in and operating. Shelia walked around the room and also sat in a chair. She said it sounds great.

B. C. - Michigan

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