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Large-Area Assistive Listening Systems

In addition to complying with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act, installing a large-area assistive listening system is likely to increase usage, user satisfaction and the reputation of the company or organization that owns the facility.

Hearing Loops

FM Assistive Listening Systems

Large-Area Audio Frequency Induction Loops

COMTEK Large-Area FM Assistive Listening Systems

Large-Area Assistive Listening Systems Technologies include infrared, FM radio and Audio Frequency Induction Loops. Each has strengths that make it best suited for particular installation environments:

  •  Infrared requires line-of-sight which makes it well suited to secure areas such as court rooms or multiplex cinemas where signals must not be transmitted to adjacent theaters. Infrared is also preferred when multiple channels are required for language translation.

  •  FM radio is relatively easy to install and covers a large area. However, users will require dedicated receivers and headsets which must be issued, retrieved, recharged, stored securely, repaired and replaced as necessary.

  •  Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems may require some design and installation knowledge. However, once in place, they need very little maintenance and offer users the ability to receive transmitted signals directly via the T-coil of their hearing aid or cochlear implant. Hearing aid and cochlear implant users with T-coil do not require individual receivers - they already have one! Ease of use, low maintenance and user willingness to utilize the system, are key features that make Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems an increasingly attractive choice for Large-Area Assistive Listening Systems.

If you have questions or would like assistance selecting a large-area assistive listening system for a specific location, such as a church, lecture hall or meeting room, please feel free to contact TecEar for assistance: Info@TecEar.com

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