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LightOn Cell Phone Alerter

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LightOn cell phone call and text alerter

LightOn technology uses special vibration sensors that respond to the vibrations produced by mobile phones.

● Alerts the user about a new message, or missed call

● When the cell phone rings or an SMS text message is received LightOn immediately converts the vibration signals into a brightly flashing LED light

● The alert LED light continues to flash until the user notices the missed call and resets the unit

LightOn cell phone alert system

  •  Simple to use mobile phone is set on vibration mode and placed in LightOn cradle

  •  LightOn will detect the receipt of any incoming call or SMS message through vibration

  •  Portable and easy to operate

  •  No plugs or installation

  •  Powered by three (3) AA 1.5V batteries

  •  Compatible with all mobile phones which have a vibrating mode

  •  LightOn can also be connected to external triggering and wireless signaling systems

  •  One year warranty

Alerts you of incoming voice calls and text messages

LightOn cell phone alert system

LightOn Cell Phone Alerter

LightOn cell phone call and text alerter

LightOn cell phone alerter system

LightOn cell phone alerter system

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