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Sennheiser 840S TV Listening System

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Sennheiser SET 840S FM Stereo, Wireless, Long-Range, TV and Audio Transmission Listening System with detachable Neck Loop

Sennheiser SET 840S is a stereo, radio frequency, wireless TV audio transmission system specially designed for hearing aided and un-aided users - anyone who wants freedom to listen from any location (up to 100 ft.) and adjust the volume to their specific comfort level without disturbing others.

840S FM stereo transmitter connects directly to a TV set, radio or hi-fi system via headphone or RCA "audio-out" sockets.
840S FM receiver attaches to clothing, connects to a the custom designed neck loop or can be kept in your pocket.

● Stereo Sound up to 100 feet - move freely around your home or office while enjoying uninterrupted TV audio, music or radio

Aided Use via T-coil:
   Sennheiser detachable neck loop included
   Also compatible with -
   Music Link Stereo Ear Hooks - stereo listening
   CLA7v2 Amplified Neck Loop
- increased amplification

  •  T-coil/Telecoil compatible - BTE, ITE and ITC aids

  •  Neck loop and ear hook users must have a manually selectable T-coil program - usually via a program selection button or remote control

Un-Aided Use:
   Compatible with any stereo ear buds or headphones with standard 3.5 mm stereo plug

● Integrates with Oticon Streamer and Phonak iCom


  •  Listen at your comfort level without disturbing others - Listening volume does not interfere with normal TV speaker volume

  •  Easy-to-use volume control

  •  Connects to headphone or RCA "audio-out" sockets

  •  Stereo or mono selectable transmission

  •  No line-of-sight transmission requirement like traditional infrared systems - Sennheiser SET 840S FM transmission cannot be blocked by walls, clothing or objects such as your hand

  •  Easy set up and simple operation

  •  Three selectable hearing settings on the transmitter:
     Compression, Treble Boost, Compression plus Treble Boost
     Additional treble boost can be set individually

  •  Left and right volume balance control set on the receiver
     for stereo listening via ear buds of Music Link ear hooks

  •  Receiver recharges in transmitter cradle

  •  Integrated charging bay for second battery

  •  Additional receivers available


  •  Type of transmitter: FM stereo

  •  Range: up to 100 feet

  •  Receiver operating time: up to 9 hours

  •  Battery recharge time: approx. 3 hours

  •  Battery type: BA 300 rechargeable lithium polymer

  •  Audio input: 3.5 mm stereo jack plug

  •  Transmission range: 50 Hz - 16,000 Hz

  •  2 year manufacturer warranty covering all manufacturing faults. Sennheiser headphones, ear buds and cables are warranted under normal use for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Set-it & Forget-it

Sennheiser SET 840s
- Stereo/mono FM wireless TV/Entertainment Center listening system - with range up to 100 feet

Sennheiser SET 840s with detachable neck loop

Sennheiser SET 840s
- Personal receiver with 3.5 mm stereo headphone socket, volume dial and on/off switch - shown with detachable neck loop.
- Transmitter base with receiver recharging cradle plus second battery recharging bay for extended use (second battery not included).

Music-Link dual ear hooks suitable for stereo listening

Music Link
T-coil inductive silhouette ear hooks with 3.5 mm stereo plug (black or white) - Recommended for Stereo left and right channel listening

Product Information:
Sennheiser SET 840s - Technical Data...

Sennheiser SET 840s - Instruction Manual...(4MB)

Alternate headset suggestions:
Music-Link Stereo Ear Hooks...

for left / right channel stereo audio

CLA7v2 Amplified Neck Loop
for additional amplification

Alternate TV listening solution suggestion:
Chair Pad Home Loop Kit...

Sennheiser SET 840s FM Stereo Long-Range TV/Entertainment Center Listening System

Sennheiser SET 840S RF stereo TV Listening System - with detachable neck loop

840S FM transmitter base
RR 840S FM personal receiver
EZT3011 Neck Loop (detachable)
receiver clothes clip (detachable)
lanyard (detachable)
BA 300 rechargeable battery
TV audio connector cables:
- headphone and RCA
MKE 800 TV-N microphone
US power adapter

Sennheiser SET 840s with neck loop

List price: $299.95

Your TecEar price:


Free Shipping (U.S.A.)

Sennheiser SET 840s Accessories

RR 840S Receiver for use with Sennheiser SET 840S

RR 840S Receiver
BA 300 rechargeable battery

Sennheiser RR 840S Receiver for use with Sennheiser SET 840S

List price: $200.00

Your TecEar price:


Free Shipping (U.S.A.)

BA 300 Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery for Sennheiser RR 840S receiver

BA 300 rechargeable battery for use with Sennheiser RR 840S receiver

BA 151 rechargeable battery for Sennheiser SET 820S

Your TecEar price:

$ 43.50

Free Shipping
(US and Canada)

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