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Top Ten ALD Picks

Large-Area ALS
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Quattro 4L Bluetooth
CLA7v2 Neck Loop
Contego FM System
Hearing Loop Kits
iLOOP Neck Loop
LightOn Alerter
Music Link
NoiZfree Products
Noizfree neckLOOP
Pocketalker Ultra
Sennheiser TV FM
T-Link Headset
tLOOP Neck Loop

TecEar's Top Ten ALD Picks     [print version pdf]

Assistive listening devices compliment the capabilities of digital hearing aids and cochlear implants, significantly enhancing the user's ability to use phones, cell phones, TV/DVD, and audio devices such as iPod. Although we could wish for a "one-product-does-it-all" solution, job specific assistive listening devices still offer the greatest benefit and assistance for improved speech comprehension. These "best-of-breed" products get our recommendation based on personal testing and customer feedback.

T-Link – Cordless Phone and Cell Phone Headset

T-Link - Cordless Phone and Cell Phone HeadsetWhat we like:

T-Link T-coil inductive, silhouette ear hooks get two-thumbs-up for excellent volume, wires that don’t harden with use and a low-profile, right-angle plug that reduces strain to the phone’s headphone socket.

While some users may prefer Bluetooth headsets, T-Link remains one of our favorite, time-tested products that doesn’t require batteries or recharging – a great option as a primary or backup headset solution.

Headset Buddy adapters are available that provide compatibility with iPhone, smart phones, DVD and audio devices, and PC sound cards for a one-product phone/audio/PC solution.

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CLA7v2 – Amplified Neck Loop for Cell Phone and Audio

CLA7v2- Powered Neck Loop for Cell Phone and AudioWhat we like:

CLA7v2 offers dual functionality as both a phone headset (with microphone) and an amplified audio neck loop. Its four, interchangeable connector cables provide compatibility with a range of cell phones (iPhone, Blackberry), cordless phones, iPod and MP3 players, personal amplifiers, computer soundcards, and other audio devices.

CLA7v2’s rotary volume control is easy to use and delivers better amplification than non-powered neck loops – an excellent alternative to T-Link and Music Link for those who prefer a neck loop.

CLA7v2's optional CS-M22C adapter cable provides connectivity with Plantronics' M12 and M22 Vista series desk-phone amplifiers for office and call center use.

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Music Link – Stereo Ear Hooks for Audio Listening

Music Link - Stereo Ear Hooks for Audio ListeningWhat we like:

Music Link dual delivers true left and right stereo channels - one to each ear hook. And, for those with monaural hearing, Music Link single merges left and right stereo channels so you don’t miss a thing.

Think of Music Link as a T-coil inductive substitute for normal ear buds. Use Music Link with any stereo audio device; iPod, MP3 player, CD player, Walkman, computer.

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Beetle H-3ST – Bluetooth Ear Hooks and Neck Loop for Telephony and Stereo Audio

Noizfree Beetle H-3ST Stereo Bluetooth headset with ear hook(s) and neck loopWhat we like:

Beetle H-3ST includes both ear hook(s) and a neck loop so users can experience both and use whichever they prefer.

Beetle H-3ST has an easy to use joystick control for volume adjustment and audio track selection.

Beetle H-3ST supports all the Bluetooth profiles necessary of telephony and stereo audio streaming via Bluetooth enabled cell phone, music phone or computer.

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Quattro – Bluetooth Amplified Neck Loop for Telephony and Stereo Audio

CLA7BT - Bluetooth Cell Phone Amplified Neck LoopWhat we like:

Quattro is the easiest to use Bluetooth neck loop that we’ve tried. Touch the multifunction button once; say a voice tag, and you’re making hands-free calls without touching your phone.

Quattro has an easy to use rotary volume control as well as good reception and sound quality.

Quattro sound amplification is independent of the cell phone so adjusting volume is immediate, without any audio interruption. We suggest setting cell phone volume first (max. for many of us) and then fine-tuning, via the rotary dial, as required.

[more information]

Sennheiser SET 840S – Wireless, Radio Frequency Stereo TV System

Sennheiser SET 840S - Wireless, Radio Frequency Stereo TV SystemWhat we like:

Sennheiser 840S uses a wireless radio frequency to transmit separate stereo channels (or merged mono if you prefer) up to 100 feet. And, unlike similar infrared systems, there’s no line-of-sight requirement or concern about signal interference from lighting or obstructions.

The wireless receiver includes a rotary volume control and standard 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack - a versatile solution for normal hearing people, using headphones or ear buds, as well as T-coil users with ear hooks or the included neck loop.

The receiver attaches to the neck loop, clips to your belt or fits easily in a pocket.

840S takes its audio signal from the TV’s “audio-out” red and white RCA sockets, without interfering with normal speaker volume, so everyone can listen at their own comfort level.

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UniVox DLS-50 – TV and Small-Area Hearing Loop

UniVox DLS-50 - TV and Small-Area Hearing LoopWhat we like:

The greatest feature of any Hearing Loop is ease of use. Provided that the user’s hearing aid or cochlear implant processor has a manually selectable T-coil program, that’s all that is required. There’s no need for any additional receiver, headgear, wires or batteries – it’s simple and easy to use.

Listening options include a room loop (wire installation required) or a chair-pad loop placed under the cushion of your favorite chair – a quick and easy setup.

DLS-50 takes its audio signal from the TV’s “audio-out” red and white RCA sockets, without interfering with normal speaker volume, so everyone gets to enjoy TV and DVD audio at their own comfort level.

[more information]

Pocketalker Ultra – Personal Amplifier

Pocketalker Ultra - Personal AmplifierWhat we like:

Pocketalker Ultra gets high marks for value and versatility, and comes with an impressive manufacturer 5-year parts and labor warranty.

This personal amplifier is available with a variety of headgear including earphones, headphones or neck loop – options for both aided and un-aided users.

Pocketalker Ultra’s standard 3.5mm microphone socket makes it easy to use with lapel, tabletop or directional microphones. Correct microphone type and placement are key factors for improving speech comprehension. Positioning a microphone close to the speaker reduces background noise, sound decay and distortion.

Pocketalker Ultra has easy to use rotary volume and tone controls that help adjust the sound to your preference.

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Comfort Contego – FM Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

Comfort Contego - FM Wireless Transmitter and ReceiverWhat we like:

While Contego’s high-tech LCD screens and modern design are certainly impressive, its most distinctive feature is its use of directional microphones. For situations where there is moderate background noise, directional microphones can significantly improve speech comprehension. Contego provides not one but two integrated, directional microphones: one in the transmitter, one in the receiver.

This versatile, wireless system may be used for lecture hall presentations, conference room meetings, TV listening or without the transmitter as a personal amplifier.

The neck loop extension cord allows both the receiver and transmitter to be positioned on a conference-room or dinner table, close to the speakers, and aimed at different areas providing two directional boundary type microphones.

[more information]

Comtek AT-216 – Personal FM Wireless Assistive Listening System

Comtek AT-216 - Personal FM Wireless SystemWhat we like:

Comtek AT-216 offers a high quality, wireless, audio transmission system – made in the USA.

The rugged design and highly portable carry case provide a compact and self-contained sound amplification system – a favorite of educational institutions and an excellent choice for college students attending lectures where hearing detailed information is critical.

The AT-216’s lapel style microphone comes with an adapter that converts it to a boundary type microphone for tabletop use during meetings.

AT-216 also connects to TV or a conference facility’s sound mixing board allowing full access to audio visual presentations.

This system includes a neck loop and earphone – the bases are covered.

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Note – Using T-coil inductive devices

Several of these ALDs are suitable for both aided and un-aided users.

Users with hearing aid(s) or cochlear implant processor(s) must have a manually selectable T-coil program – usually via a program selection button or remote control.

M+T programs, where the hearing aid or CI’s telecoil wireless receiver and environmental microphone are active simultaneously, may also be used.

In some limited situations noise from electromagnetic interference can be an issue.

Pacemaker users should seek advice from their pacemaker’s manufacturer and additional sources such as the American Heart Association.

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