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Article - "Turn-On-To-T-coil"

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This article explores the tremendous opportunity the T-coil program, of digital hearing aids and cochlear implants, offers to access Hearing Assistance Technology devices that enhance the user's ability to utilize phones, cell phones, TV/DVD, entertainment devices such as the iPod and personal amplifiers.

Getting the most from your T-coil

Telecoil is a tiny, wireless receiver that is built-in to many hearing aids and cochlear implant processors (see sidebar picture). Originally designed for use with telephones, this underutilized wireless receiver has great potential to benefit the way you hear. Wireless transmission to the telecoil receiver is via an electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field is transmitted via silhouette ear hooks, neck loop or room loop and is picked-up by the telecoil receiver. The software program that controls and shapes the output from the telecoil is called the T-coil program or "T-coil" for short.   The user's hearing aid or CI must have a manually selectable T-coil program - usually via a program selection button or remote control.

If a louder, clearer signal with reduced background noise and sound distortion sounds appealing - read on!

“Turn-on-to-T-coil” -  no receiver - your hearing aid or CI already has one!

If you have a T-coil-friendly phone (not all are!) or one of the new FCC rated “T4” or "T3" cell phones, just "Turn-on-to-T-coil" and start enjoying the benefit of clearer sound without distracting background noise.

  •  Research the latest list of “T3” or “T4” rated phones at PhoneScoop.

  •  Find out more about the new FCC mandated “T” and “M” designations at FCC Consumer Advisory.

Does your church or library meeting room have a large-area hearing loop? If so, just “Turn-on-to-T-coil” and enjoy! Wouldn’t it be great if more public venues installed hearing loops. Consider starting a campaign to get one installed at your church or meeting hall. Your advocacy will benefit all hearing impaired people who use that facility.

Did you know that you can loop your TV room? All you need is a system such as the Univox DLS-50 Room Loop Kit. Once the room is looped, just “Turn-on-to-T-coil”, fire-up the popcorn and enjoy a favorite sitcom, talk show or DVD movie. The sound is truly amazing! You can turn up the Univox DLS-50 volume without disturbing others. You might even find you can turn-off the sub-titles!

If you are not ready to loop your room, you  can connect a chair-pad loop to the Univox DLS-50 amplifier. It's easy, just slip the chair-pad loop under the cushion of your favorite chair and "Turn-on-to-T-coil". Your chair immediately becomes your personal "loop zone” - there's no loop wire to install! You'll be able to hear loud and clear, without turning up the volume and disturbing family members – they’ll love the Univox DLS-50 even more than you!

Other devices that create personal induction loop fields can also be helpful. For instance, the Soundshuttle is used at hotel reception desks and check-in counters to improve communication for hard of hearing individuals with T-coil enabled hearing aids. Another device is the portable Clipboard that creates a personal induction loop that you take with you as you move from one office to another.

How about trying silhouette ear hooks or a neck loop?

These T-coil inductive accessories act as substitutes for conventional headphones or headsets.

“Turn-on-to-T-coil” for music, talking books, radio interviews, information and entertainment. Just plug Music Link into the headphone socket of an iPod, MP3, CD/DVD player or radio. If you prefer a neck loop you can use CLA7v2 amplified neck loop.

You can even enjoy true left and right channel stereo sound via Music Link's stereo inductive ear hooks. CLA7v2 merges the two stereo channels so you don't miss a thing.

Music Link and CLA7v2 can also link you to your PC or laptop's headphone socket. Enjoy Internet podcasts or CD and DVD audio. You can type up-a-storm while listening to music or an online radio station on the other side of the world!

Tip - If you experience annoying buzzing (electromagnetic interference) from your T-coil, while sitting in front of a conventional computer monitor, try switching to a flat-screen monitor or laptop - that should solve the problem.

Plug Music-Link or CLA7v2 into an FM receiver such as the Sennheiser SET 840s. Connect the Sennheiser SET 840s FM transmitter to your TV, hi-fi or radio and “Turn-on-to-T-coil”. Now you can enjoy the freedom of listening to clear, loud audio as you work around the house and down the driveway too!

Nervous about going to a presentation where there isn’t a hearing loop or CART service? No problem, just give the presenter your COMTEK belt-pack FM transmitter, with lapel microphone, and “Turn-on-to-T-coil”. You’ll hear the presentation loud and clear, via your FM receiver and inductive neck loop, without missing a beat. You can relax and listen while simultaneously recording the presentation for later review – now, that really is cool!

  •  Learn more about the COMTEK AT-216 FM personal listening system.

The next time you borrow an FM or infrared assistive listening device, at a movie theatre or concert hall, why not plug-in your own inductive ear hooks or neck loop, and (you guessed it) “Turn-on-to-T-coil”. Just think, you won’t have to remove your hearing aids to use their headphones or stethoscope-style ear buds and wonder who wore them last or if the management has a policy about cleaning and hygiene!

T-coil for cell phone, cordless phone, desk phone and Skype (VOIP) Internet phone conversation.

With the help of a corded or wireless Bluetooth headset, you can enjoy clearer, hands-free conversations without annoying and distracting background noise. When you “Turn-on-to-T-coil”, you can hear phone conversations with two ears instead of one – now that sounds like a benefit worth exploring!

Plug-in a T-Link inductive headset or CLA7v2 amplified neck loop into any cell phone with a standard 2.5 mm headset socket (even if the cell phone is not T-coil friendly). If it doesn't have a 2.5 mm headset socket, there are adapters available.

For wireless, hands-free communication with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone try using a T-coil inductive, Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth neck loop such as the Beetle or Artone.

Now you are ready to enjoy all those "free" night and weekend minutes – you can talk until you drop!

Hands-free calling doesn’t have to end with your cell phone. You can do the same thing with any cordless or desk phone that has a 2.5 mm headset socket.

Using CLA7v2 amplified  neck loop you can use the CS-M22C connector cable to attach to a Plantronics M12 or M22 Vista series phone amplifier used in many office and call center environments.

These days, many of us are spending more information gathering, communication and entertainment time in front of computers: T-coil can help here too!

Music Link plugged into the audio socket of a computer's sound card will deliver great music and audio.

For Skype, and other voice-over-IP (VOIP) communications, just connect a lapel microphone to the microphone socket of your computer's sound card. Using Skype, MSN Messenger or other VOIP applications, you can talk to your friends for free, and make international phone calls for just cents per minute.

How about using Bluetooth Beetle H-3ST with neck loop or ear hooks for wireless connectivity with your laptop or PC? If your computer does not have Bluetooth built-in, you can accessorize you PC or laptop with a Bluetooth USB adapter, such as the Jabra A320s.

Now you can listen to Internet radio, music CDs and make Skype calls (VOIP telephony) without being tethered to your computer.

  •  Get more information about Bluetooth Beetle H-3ST.

  •  Check out Jabra's Bluetooth USB adapter at Jabra.com.

Improved speech comprehension for presentations, one-on-one and small groups or meetings

A wired personal amplifier with neck loop such as Pocketalker Ultra can help with one-on-one conversations.

A wireless FM transmitter and receiver system, such as Comtek AT-216 or Contego, can help when the speakers are further away at a lecture or boardroom meeting.

Remember, when you “Turn-on-to-T-coil” you bring sounds closer and reduce background noise; two very beneficial strategies, for improving speech comprehension, that your T-coil has to offer.  Enjoy!

Products mentioned in this article may not be compatible with all devices. For instance, a standard 3-pole 2.5mm plug will not be compatible with a 4-pole 2.5mm socket. Some manufacturers choose to use proprietary connectors that require the availability of appropriate adapters for compatibility.
It is strongly recommended that buyers purchase from a reputable dealer with a clearly stated no-nonsense return and refund policy. While consumers cannot protect themselves against occasional disappointment, they should ensure that they are able to get their money refunded and return unsuitable merchandise.

T-coil/Telecoil wireless receiver

The neglected and underutilized
telcoil wireless receiver

Univox DLS-50 Home Loop Amplifier

Univox DLS-50
Home Loop Amplifier

Univox 2A Chair Pad Home Loop Kit

Univox DLS-50 Chair Pad
Home Loop Kit

Music-Link stereo ear hooks

Music Link
stereo ear hooks

COMTEK AT-216 wireless FM personal assistive listening system

wireless FM personal
assistive listening system

Sennheiser SET 840s

Sennheiser SET 840s
long-range, stereo FM receiver and transmitter

T-Link single inductive ear hook

T-Link single
inductive ear hook headset with built-in microphone

CLA7v2 Powered Neckloop available from TecEar.com.

CLA7v2 Powered Neck Loop

Beetle H-3ST stereo Bluetooth lapel clip transceiver headset with built-in microphone, inductive neck loop and ear hooks.

Beetle H-3ST stereo
Bluetooth lapel clip transceiver headset with built-in microphone, neck loop and ear hook.

Artone Bluetooth Neck Loop with built-in microphone and four interchangeable colored faceplates.

Artone Bluetooth Neck Loop
- T-coil inductive neck loop and Bluetooth transceiver with built-in microphone and interchangeable colored faceplates

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